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Ethernet 211: Current State of Affairs for Data Center Convergence Webinar

Join Henry He, Technical Product Manager at Ixia, and Chauncey Schwartz, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at QLogic, as they present on the current definition of convergence and data center bridging, current standards, the processes of adoption that companies use, and best practices for test methodologies. Leverage the 35+ years of experience from both Henry and Chauncey to jumpstart your knowledge of this important topic.

Ethernet 311: Plumbing for Clouds: Overlay Protocols for Multi-Tenancy

Plumbing for Clouds: Creating data centers that allow multiple tenants to share physical resources offers efficiency in resources but also presents challenges of how to share the resources and how to interconnect them. This webinar is meant for any company that is facing the challenges of multiple tenants sharing common resources. It will discuss the network problems associated with multi-tenancy, review several pre-standard solutions that can be deployed, as well as update the audience on the status of current standardization efforts. It will review the applicability of the IEEE 802.1 Bridging standards and possible extensions to support multi-tenancy. If you are dealing with or planning to implement a multi-tenant solution you will want to attend this informative webinar.