HSN Plugfest

IEEE Plugfest PoE Certification Technology Tradeshow Webinar Whitepaper

Due to the pervasive increase in the Covid-19 virus and in support of the health and wellbeing of our members, the Ethernet Alliance made the decision to postpone the HSN plugfest at UNH IOL.

The purpose of the Higher Speed Networking plugfest is to improve the interoperability of the Ethernet ecosystem at port data rates of 25 Gb/s through 400 Gb/s. The matrix of testing will include PHYs, NICs, switches, test equipment, optical and copper media types. All testing will be done at a third party vendor, UNH-IOL, and all of the data generated will be kept anonymous and used by the Ethernet Alliance for the purposes of creating Press releases, whitepapers, webinars and similar activities. In order to participate in this event, a company must be providing products consistent with the matrix of testing described above. Companies cannot attend with the intention of observing and not providing products.