Ethernet Alliance

Ethernet Physical Layer

Ethernet 102: 802.3: The Physical Layer of Ethernet

Ethernet 102: The Physical Layer of Ethernet is a high-level presentation on the basics of the Ethernet physical layer. This is one of the first webinars in the University of Ethernet program and investigates the physical layer from the cabling to the MAC layer. This presentation covers Ethernet nomenclature such as 10GBASE-LRM and signal encodings such as 10GBASE-R. From Fast Ethernet to 100 Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet 102 shows real world examples of copper and physical interfaces.

Ethernet 103: Introduction to 25 Gb/s Ethernet

Webinar attendees will receive an introduction to and in-depth insight into 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GbE), currently in development. Panelists will address and low-cost, high-speed interconnects; current progress in standardization of 25GbE; potential markets; deployment architectures; and more.

Ethernet 104: Introduction to 2.5G/5G BASE-T Ethernet

The Ethernet 104: Introduction to 2.5G/5G BASE-T Ethernet webinar took place on May 21st at 10am PT  and provided attendees with an in-depth introduction to Next Generation Enterprise Access (NGEA) 2.5G/5G BASE-T Ethernet. Presented by John D’Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance, and chief Ethernet evangelist, Dell; Dave Chalupsky, chair, Ethernet Alliance BASE-T Subcommittee, network hardware architect, Intel, and chair, IEEE P802.3bz 2.5G/5G BASE-T Task Force; and Peter Jones, principal engineer, Cisco Systems; the webinar provided an overview of 2.5G/5G BASE-T technologies, market drivers, and standardization efforts.

Ethernet 203: 40GbE and 100GbE Physical Layers for Data Centers

Presented by Dan Dove, Chief Consultant for Dove Networking Solutions, and Frank Yang, Marketing Chair of the Ethernet Alliance Next Generation Ethernet Cabling subcommittee, and Technical Marketing Manager at CommScope, Inc., Ethernet 203: 40GbE and 100GbE Physical Layers for Data Centers will explore market drivers for 40GbE and 100GbE, adoption trends in Ethernet with a focus on higher speeds, data center network architectures and topologies, cabling trends, standards, and pluggable transceivers, direct attach cables and backplanes.

Ethernet 202: 10GBASE-T Revamped

This webinar features an overview of 10G Ethernet connectivity options and various techniques to lower power dissipation when using 10GBASE-T transceivers. It also provides a brief explanation of available 10GBASE-T technology and the cabling options, a review of the key benefits of 10GBASE-T technology, a brief tutorial of EMI mitigation strategies for 10GBASE-T transceivers, and a list of various equipment types which use 10GBASE-T interfaces.

Ethernet 301: 40/100GbE Fiber Cabling and Migration Practices

Join presenters Frank Yang, CommScope, Inc. and Robert Reid, Panduit as they present the Ethernet Alliance webinar “Ethernet 301: 40/100GbE Fiber Cabling and Migration Practices” live on March 21, 2012. This webinar will discuss the advancement and future deployment of 10G Ethernet what it means and why it is important.