PoE Infographic


In January 2020, the Ethernet Alliance conducted a survey of more than 800 Power over Ethernet (PoE) stakeholders including designers, manufacturers, resellers, system integrators, network operators, and others to better understand their deployments. The findings yielded a number of important insights, illustrating where PoE challenges exist, and how the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Program could simplify integration and ensure reliable operation.

Launched in 2017, the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Program ensues seamless interoperability by taking the guesswork out of the PoE equation. Users opting for Ethernet Alliance-certified PoE products and solutions will benefit from an effortless integration and operational experience.

PoE Infographic – 16:9 Version (CIM Award)

PoE Infographic – 16:9 Version (Original)










PoE Infographic – Long FormĀ  (CIM Award)

PoE Infographic – Long Form (Original)