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Technology Webinar Series

The Ethernet Alliance is excited to announce the start of a new monthly webinar series . These virtual discussions will be in various formats and will be hosted by the Ethernet Alliance on the ON24 platform.

Viewers will hear educational discussions as well as updates on innovations and technology announcements. From time to time, we’ll debate a hot take from the Ethernet industry! These webinars will be held once a month, focusing on a topic relevant to our vast Ethernet ecosystem. The events and topics will be grouped together so that we can do a deeper dive into specific areas.


 Ethernet in Design (100Gb/s Lane Rate)

Date: Wednesday, June 7

Time: 10am PT/1pm ET

Duration: 90 minutes

Abstract: The next generation of Ethernet has been defined with the recently published IEEE 802.3ck standard based on 100Gb/s lane rates (PAM4 signaling at 53 GBd).  This panel of Ethernet Alliance members will provide an overview of this new standard, reviewing some of the key content, changes from previous technologies, as well as highlighting some of the challenging aspects of the design.  Additionally the session will include demonstration results of Ethernet variants at 53 GBd i.e. 100 Gb/s per lane showing BER performance, FEC statistics, packet tests over different media types such as backplane, DAC and optical fiber.

Lastly, this panel also includes a discussion of the recent plugfest that Ethernet Alliance members held where 100Gbps per lane signaling was tested with some of the member benefits from participation.

Moderator: Kae Dube Ethernet Operations Manager·UNH InterOperability Lab

Panelist: John Calvin Senior Strategic Planner IP Wireline Solutions·Keysight Technologies

Panelist: Adithya Muralidharan Staff Application Engineer·Intel

Panelist: Nathan Tracy Technologist, System Architecture Team and Manager of Industry Standards·TE Connectivity

Panelist: Pavel Zivny System Engineer and Domain Expert for High Speed Serial Data Oscilloscopes·Tektronix

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Ethernet in the Field (50Gb/s Lane Rate)

This first session covered the ongoing deployment of 50Gb/s technologies into the Ethernet ecosystem. Panelists provided an overview of these new protocols, discussing the changes and advancements compared to previous technologies. Speakers also covered the practical aspects of deploying a new Ethernet technology, such as infrastructure requirements, link establishment methodologies and maintaining legacy speed support, as well as interoperability challenges and common issues. We’ll include nomenclature clarifications and discuss the importance of testing along with the benefits of the ecosystem participating in the Ethernet Alliance High-Speed Networking (HSN) Plugfest.

Stay tuned for the “Ethernet in Design (100Gb/s Lane Rate)” and “Ethernet in the Future (200Gb/s Lane Rate)” sessions coming soon.

Moderator/Panelist: Sam Johnson, Ethernet Alliance HSN Subcommittee Co-Chair, Intel

Panelist: Ryan Harris, Sales and Market Manager, High-Speed Cable Assemblies, Siemon Company

Panelist: Craig Foster, Product Line Manager, Storage and Networking, Teledyne LeCroy

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Enhancing PoE Experience

The Ethernet Alliance test labs continue to identify Power over Ethernet devices failing to fully comply with IEEE 802.3 standards. Devices that don’t comply may not work as expected leading to interoperability issues over the lifetime of your PoE network. Designers and users of PoE equipment can prevent these problems and related downtime by ensuring IEEE 802.3 PoE interoperability through the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification program.  In this webinar, experts from the program share their stories how the certification process leads to better products and more confidence in operation.

Moderator: David Tremblay, EA PoE Subcommittee Chair, Aruba HPE


  • Craig Chabot, UNH InterOperability Lab
  • Dilian Reyes, Analog Devices
  • Peter Johnson, Sifos Technologies

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PoE Certification Experiences

With over 100 products certified, individuals within the industry will share their experiences and benefits of certifying products through the EA PoE Certification process.


  • David Tremblay, Ethernet Alliance PoE Subcommittee Chair, System Architect at Aruba, HPE


  • Jim Davis, Regional Marketing Engineer, Fluke Networks
  • Chad Jones, Manager, Hardware Engineering, Cisco Systems
  • Eric Wall, Business Development Manager, UL Wire & Cable

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Single Pair Ethernet in Operational Technology Networks

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is a keystone technology for Operational Technology (OT) networks. At once bringing Ethernet to the network edge and normalizing the network protocol across the Enterprise, we’ll see SPE replace legacy protocols, reduce siloed applications and increase the cybersecurity posture for businesses; in short, greatly increasing the network value.

In this session, industry experts discuss the current state of SPE in OT networks, near term migration to SPE, and future standards that will expand and strengthen the SPE ecosystem.

Moderator: Bob Voss, Ethernet Alliance SPE Subcommittee Chair, Distinguished Engineer Panduit


  • Arvind Patel, Director of Engineering in the Test & Measurement Solutions division at AEM
  • Henry Muyshondt, Senior Manager, Microchip Technology Inc

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Ethernet’s Role in the Operational Technology (OT) Evolution

The Ethernet ecosystem is starting to focus on OT networks with the advent of Single Paid Ethernet (SPE) and its impact on the edge of OT networks. This will help OT networks evolve into a resilient, single protocol network that can easily converge with the IT network and deliver tangible business value. Hear our panel of Ethernet Alliance experts discuss the journey ahead.

Moderator: Peter Jones, Ethernet Alliance Chairman, Cisco


  • Bob Voss, Ethernet Alliance SPE Subcommittee Chair, Distinguished Engineer Panduit
  • Heath Stewart, Design Director PoE/PoDL Products Analog Devices
  • Henry Muyshondt, Senior Manager, Microchip

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Operational Technology (OT) Networks Analyst Panel

Ethernet technologies are emerging in the OT networks realms – those networks that control our commercial buildings and factories – making the possibility of a truly converged enterprise a reality by enhancing the value of the networks capabilities with a single seamless protocol, edge to cloud. Hear noted analysts discuss where Ethernet is taking us in the OT networks evolution.

Moderator: Bob Voss, Ethernet Alliance SPE Subcommittee Chair, Distinguished Engineer, Panduit


  • Alan Weckel, 650 Group, Founder and Technology Analyst
  • Anna Ahrens, Omdia, Senior Analyst, Manufacturing Technology

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Building vs. Industrial Automation Operational Technology (OT) Networks

Join a fireside chat with Ronna Davis, CommScope and Bob Voss, Ethernet Alliance SPE Subcommittee Chair, Panduit discussing the convergence and sustainability required for creating smart technology.

Fireside Chat Participants:

  • Bob Voss, Ethernet Alliance SPE Subcommittee Chair, Distinguished Engineer, Panduit
  • Ronna Davis, Strategy and Technology, Enterprise Building and Campus, CommScope

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