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Interview with Robert Grow

Robert M. Grow calls himself “a latecomer to Ethernet,” but, in fact, he has been involved in the technology for its entire existence.

He was immersed in the design of the first local area networks (LANs) in the 1970s, and, even during his university years, Grow “got involved looking at some of the more advanced and more futuristic looks at technology and things that would be happening,” he tells Ethernet Alliance chair Peter Jones for The Voices of Ethernet oral-history archive.

Over the decades since—as a co-founder and system architect of XLNT, a principal engineer with Intel and now as an independent consultant in standards development—Grow has been deeply engaged in diverse projects to extend the capabilities of Ethernet. He is a former chair of the IEEE 802.3™ Ethernet Working Group.


“Over history, Ethernet has become the open platform on which we converge networks, a proven technology adapted to the specific needs of each market. Ethernet created the culture of success by providing an opportunity to participate in a meaningful way, to be able to develop products, leverage off the work of other companies and to do it in a cooperative way.”

Bob Grow

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