PoE Getting Started

In a 2024 survey, 96% of PoE professionals said Ethernet Alliance certification would influence their buying decision. Get started today to benefit from having your products EA Certified.

Step 1:

Contact us at poe_certification@ethernetalliance.org to indicate your interest in the program.

Step 2:

Visit https://ethernetalliance.org/poecert to download and submit:

• Certification Mark License Agreement (CMLA) & fees
• Ethernet Alliance Membership (optional)

— Ethernet Alliance Members receive discounts on all product certification fees and the one-time CMLA fee.

Step 3:

Submit new or derivative Ethernet Alliance Certified product application and schedule testing:

• Ethernet Alliance Certified Product application can be found at bit.ly/ea-cert
• Testing detail available at bit.ly/ea-test

— Ethernet Alliance Member companies are eligible to apply to perform PoE Certification Program 1st Party Testing.

Step 4:

Once approved, products are authorized to use the Ethernet Alliance Certified logos and can be added to the Ethernet Alliance Certified product registry.

— Ethernet Alliance Membership offers a wide variety of company benefits. For options, visit https://ethernetalliance.org/membership.

Click here to download a copy of the getting started flyer

For additional getting started details, download the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Getting Started Guide