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2024 Ethernet Roadmap

Created by the Ethernet Alliance, the industry’s only publicly available Ethernet Roadmap provides direction and insights for navigating today’s vast Ethernet ecosystem.

Since 2015, the Ethernet Alliance has regularly produced updated versions of its Ethernet Roadmap, providing an easy-to-understand, illustrated means of keeping informed of the latest Ethernet updates and advancements. Packed full of technology insights, the Roadmap is made up of two main sections:

  • Side 1: An illustrated map detailing the various Ethernet speeds and application spaces, including Automotive, Enterprise, Service Providers, Automation, and Cloud Providers. Newly added in the 2024 edition are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and the impact it will have on the evolution of Ethernet.
  • Side 2: Visualizing the Ethernet ecosystem and related technologies, it charts the latest interfaces and nomenclature, fatter pipes, and speeds. It further details the path to a single lane chart, signaling methods, optical evolution, and a new section on sustainability.

Complimentary printed copies of the roadmap will be offered at various Ethernet Alliance events and panel sessions throughout the year, starting with OFC 2024 San Diego.


“As the need for enhanced processing power and data capacity surges, Ethernet’s signature dependability and seamless interoperability are redrawing the boundaries of technology innovation.”

Peter Jones, Chairman, Ethernet Alliance


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Please attribute Ethernet Alliance as the source for all Ethernet Roadmap artwork.

Thank you to the Ethernet Alliance’s Roadmap Subcommittee who helped review and develop this year’s anniversary edition.

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