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Membership Benefits

The Ethernet Alliance is a global consortium of system and component vendors, industry experts, and university and government professionals committed to the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technologies across markets and various application spaces.

As the leading industry voice of Ethernet, the Alliance is playing a vital role in facilitating its commercialization, bridging the gap between Ethernet technology standards and end users.

The Alliance offers a well-recognized industry platform and numerous  opportunities for member organizations to be heard, to be seen, and be involved in the vibrant Ethernet ecosystem.

Contributing to Alliance-hosted activities, enables members to establish and elevate their thought leadership credentials through sharing their expertise, insights and best practices with the industry.

Involvement in the Alliance organized interoperability demonstrations and plugfests is also helping accelerate the advancement and adoption of Ethernet technologies. These events offer an invaluable tool for the Ethernet community to verify interoperability before going to market, with the results fed back into product development and the standards development process.As a member of the Ethernet Alliance, you’ll have opportunities to amplify the voice of Ethernet and contribute to community efforts to shape the future of this resilient technology and all the innovation and flexibility it enables.

Membership Tiers

Member Benefits Principal 
Participating Member Associate Member

(Revenue < 10MM)

PoE Certification
Consulting Member

(By invitation only)

Vote in membership meetings, elections, ballots X
Right to run for a director’s seat or serve as an officer X
Right to run for a working committee chair or vice chair X X
Participate in all member meetings or committees X X X X
Access to all working committee documents, materials X X X X
Access to all PoE materials generated by the Alliance, including working committee documents, materials X X X
Apply to perform PoE Certification Program 1st Party Testing X
Up to $7,500 annual membership benefits for event participation X
Up to $2,500 annual membership benefits for event participation X
Propose new working committees to address specific issues X X
Participate in Alliance-hosted marketing activities, interoperability events X X X
Submit written contributions X X X X
Subscribe to general email reflector lists maintained by the Alliance X X X X
Member’s spotlight on the Alliance membership page X X X X X
Use Alliance member logo in accordance with licensing policies X X X X X
Use the PoE Certification program logo in accordance with licensing policies X
Membership Fees $20,000 $12,500 $6,900 $3,000 Waived


How to Join 

Interested in joining the leading industry voice of Ethernet and playing a role in advancing Ethernet technologies? Please contact for details.

Membership Requirements:

  • Publicly display a legitimate business interest in the Ethernet standards
  • Publicly support the Ethernet standards by shipping or developing products, Ethernet networks or enabling technologies employing the Ethernet standards, or by issuing press releases in support of the Ethernet standard products or networks
  • Pay the annual dues in accordance with the set fees for the level of participation. Initial dues are payable upon membership acceptance.

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