Single Pair Ethernet

Opportunities for Operational Technology (OT) Network Innovation

SPE is creating opportunities for solving challenges for Operational Technology (OT) networks found in building and industrial automation. These networks control manufacturing processes and provide occupant comfort and safety in buildings. Historically siloed from Ethernet-based IT networks, OT networks have been dominated by legacy, built-for-purpose protocols. With a shortage of experts now to manage and maintain such networks, and cybersecurity issues proliferating, there is a clear need for change.


Helping Building and Industrial Automation Industries
Get to Where They Want to Go with Ethernet

The Ethernet Alliance is bringing together OT experts in building and industrial automation with IT experts across the Ethernet ecosystem so they can better understand one another.

Read how SPE technology is enabling OT networks to become part of a seamless, Ethernet-based network:

  • Simplifying network design & operation
  • Eliminating the need to support & translate legacy network protocols
  • Boosting performance, security, flexibility, and manageability

Learn about the benefits of Single Pair Ethernet for OT networks in the latest technology briefs from the Ethernet Alliance: SPE overview, SPE Data Transport and Single-Pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE).

Single Pair Ethernet Infographics: