HSN Plugfest 2021

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The Ethernet Alliance Higher Speed Networking (HSN) Subcommittee is pleased to announce our next plugfest  scheduled for October 2021 at the UNH InterOperability Laboratory.  This interoperability event will be the first to look at 100 Gbps/lane Ethernet electrical PHYs and electrical interfaces and will also revisit 50 Gbps/lane technology.

Joining Forces for Interoperability

The Ethernet Alliance HSN subcommittee will be developing the test suites and test criteria for the October 2021 HSN Plugfest in the coming months and actively seeks input and feedback from the industry.  Offering a competitive advantage exclusively for members, Ethernet Alliance plugfests provide a neutral, secure testing environment.

If your organization is interested in participating in the plugfest and is not yet a member of the Ethernet Alliance, please reach out to the Ethernet Alliance administration.  Don’t delay, it will be an exciting and informative event!