TIA SPEC and the Ethernet Alliance Collaborate on Single Pair Ethernet

By Ronna Davis

Single Pair Ethernet


Single Pair Ethernet is one of the most promising new technologies that will help enable smart buildings and industrial automation. As with any new technology, there is a lot of groundwork that must be done to bring this new technology from a great idea to widespread adoption. Single Pair Ethernet is unique in that the potential ecosystem is so vast. When you endeavor to connect ALL things in a building, campus or manufacturing floor there is a lot to consider and many people to engage. The expansive ecosystem of Single Pair Ethernet will require a collaborative and multi-faceted approach to ensure all stakeholders have the information and resources needed to move to SPE adoption. The Ethernet Alliance and the TIA Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (SPEC) have partnered to support these efforts.

SPEC represents technology leaders that are committed to accelerating the adoption of next generation, operational technology and the Internet of Things using single pair, Ethernet technology. We believe by rallying around a standards-based technology, the IoT revolution can experience explosive growth and allow organizations to benefit from all IoT has to offer in terms of efficiency, automation, and cost savings.

Currently the consortium is primarily made up of who you would traditionally see as members in TIA including companies that provide infrastructure, test and measurement equipment and distributors. However, you do not need to be a member of TIA to participate in the Consortium and we hope that device manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, and others will join SPEC to get involved in the process so we can accelerate the adoption of SPE technology.

The Ethernet Alliance brings together key industry stakeholders in the Ethernet ecosystem to provide an important channel for Ethernet’s continued advancement and adoption. It is the voice of Ethernet, acting as the bridge between standards, vendors and users. Ethernet Alliance members work together to take Ethernet standards to the marketplace, provide market awareness and education and support and originate activities including incubation of new Ethernet technologies, and facilitate interoperability demonstrations and plugfests, where competitors join forces and collaborate to ensure multi-vendor interoperability.

The Ethernet Alliance and the TIA have a long history of assisting in market adoption of new technologies. From standards development in the TIA to the Ethernet Alliance’s PoE Certification Program, both the TIA and the Ethernet Alliance have brought clarity and confidence to the market to support the technology adoption cycle. The EA and TIA SPEC intend to leverage our technical and member resources to reach more stakeholders. The collaboration will also allow us to harmonize our communication, education and market activities to get the best information and resources to the market quickly and efficiently.

“We are happy to be working with SPEC to advance this important new technology,” said Ethernet Alliance Chair, Peter Jones. “The partnership between our organizations will help bridge the gap between promise and reality.”

And so it begins…

Ronna Davis

Strategy and Technology Team for Buildings and Campuses


Ronna Davis has been in the networking and telecommunication industry for 24 years. She has been with CommScope for over 14 years and has held positions in sales, channel and product line management. She is currently on CommScope’s Strategy and Technology Team for Buildings and Campuses. Ronna chairs the TIA SPEC, Single Pair Ethernet Consortium. Previous to CommScope she worked in the design and construction of telecommunications networks for eight years and in wholesale distribution for two years. She studied marketing and is a LEED Green Associate.

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