2020 Events

TEF 2020: The Next Ethernet Rate
TEF 2020: The Next Ethernet Rate The Ethernet ecosystem is overdue to start considering an increase in the maximum port speed. The 802.3bs project completed work in 2017 and leveraged…
BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition 2020
Exhibition: September 29-October 1 Attend Virtually from Anywhere in the World! The conference will be held in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 5G • Data Centers • Power over Ethernet (PoE)…
Webinar | SPE Evolves OT Networks
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables a smooth evolution of building and industrial automation disciplines from legacy fieldbus communications to a seamless, single protocol network, cloud to edge.  Join Ethernet Alliance…
Webinar: “Interoperability and the Ethernet Ecosystem”
Interoperability and the Ethernet Ecosystem webinar panelists will discuss the multivendor integration showcasing a live 400 GbE switch fabric, an implementation of Flex Ethernet (FlexE), 100Gb/s per lane over a…
OFC 2020
San Diego, CA
Due to the pervasive increase in the Covid-19 virus and the health and wellbeing of our members, the Ethernet Alliance has made the decision to withdraw from all activities at…