2020 Events

TEF 2020: The Next Ethernet Rate
TEF 2020: The Next Ethernet Rate The Ethernet ecosystem is overdue to start considering an increase in the maximum port speed. The 802.3bs project completed work in 2017 and leveraged…
Webinar | SPE Evolves OT Networks
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) enables a smooth evolution of building and industrial automation disciplines from legacy fieldbus communications to a seamless, single protocol network, cloud to edge.  Join Ethernet Alliance…
Webinar: “Interoperability and the Ethernet Ecosystem”
Interoperability and the Ethernet Ecosystem webinar panelists will discuss the multivendor integration showcasing a live 400 GbE switch fabric, an implementation of Flex Ethernet (FlexE), 100Gb/s per lane over a…
OFC 2020
San Diego, CA
Due to the pervasive increase in the Covid-19 virus and the health and wellbeing of our members, the Ethernet Alliance has made the decision to withdraw from all activities at…