Single Pair Ethernet in Operational Technology Networks

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Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is a keystone technology for OT networks. At once bringing Ethernet to the network edge and normalizing the network protocol across the Enterprise, we’ll see SPE replace legacy protocols, reduce siloed applications and increase the cybersecurity posture for businesses; in short, greatly increasing the network value. This session discusses the current state of SPE in OT networks, near term migration to SPE and future standards that expand and strengthen the SPE ecosystem.


Bob Voss, Ethernet Alliance SPE Subcommittee Chair, Distinguished Engineer Panduit

My role is Distinguished Engineer, Panduit Corporate Research and Development, located at the Jack E. Caveney Innovation Center. My practice areas are Industrial Automation, Building Automation and the Internet of Things. My domain expertise includes 4 decades of control engineering and industrial network architectures. In addition, I am one of the design contributors to Panduit’s LEED Gold World Headquarters automation design. My Panduit responsibilities include technology leadership for strategic alliances and partnerships, futurist activities for Industrial Automation, and executive support research.  I represent Panduit before several standards development organizations including, IEEE 802.3, TIA TR42/TR60, IEC and NEMA. I chair the ODVA EtherNet/IP Physical Layer SIG, an engineering subcommittee within ODVA tasked with specifying the ideal physical layer for EtherNet/IP.  I also the chair of the Ethernet Alliance SPE subcommittee. Further, I am a contributing member of the Converged Plant wide Ethernet architecture team.


Arvind Patel, Director of Engineering in the Test & Measurement Solutions division at AEM.

Arvind is a Product Engineer & Architect with over 20 years of experience in Electronic Circuits & RF Systems. He has been involved in the Design & Development of Test & Measurement Solutions for the Cabling industry for the last 15 yrs. Arvin holds a B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology – Warangal, India and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore.


Henry Muyshondt, Senior Manager, Microchip Technology Inc.

Henry is responsible for worldwide marketing of Microchip’s Single Pair Ethernet products. He has been involved with all aspects of an electronic product’s lifecycle, from research and development, to manufacturing, through sales and marketing. Henry participates in various industry standards organizations that are working on SPE.



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