TEF 2020: The Next Ethernet Rate

Santa Clara Convention Center
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Call for Presentations

The Ethernet ecosystem is overdue to start considering an increase in the maximum port speed. The 802.3bs project completed work in 2017 and leveraged state of the art 50 Gb/s / lane SerDes technology with the new 8-lane front panel pluggable modules to enable 400 GbE. However, with the 802.3ck project now in mid-flight, which will standardize 100 Gb/s / lane electrical signaling, such 8 lane modules could be repurposed to enable an 800 GbE interface. Although this seems a logical next step, is this enough of a rate increase to satisfy end-user demand?

New datacenter workloads such as machine learning, AI, and streaming gaming services are driving ever increasing traffic loads, both machine to machine, as well as to the end user. The last major speed transition was 4 x from 100 GbE to 400GbE, which begs the question – why not 1.6 TbE rather than 800GbE as the next Ethernet rate?

The Ethernet Alliance will host a one-day Technology Exploration Forum (TEF) to focus on the trade-offs, use-cases and technology challenges surrounding the selection of what should be the next Ethernet rate. The Forum will bring together key experts from both the end user community as well as equipment and component manufacturers to discuss and debate these key issues with the goal of understanding end-user requirements and building consensus on what Ethernet’s next rate should be.

In addition to its own broad membership, which includes component vendors, system vendors, and end users, this event is open to non-Ethernet Alliance members.  Together, these constituencies will provide a diverse set of backgrounds, ensuring lively discussion and debate.


Topics of Interest

The Technology Exploration Forum is an opportunity for individuals to present and share their ideas with members of the Ethernet community interested in exploring the future of Ethernet. Potential topics for discussion and presentations include but are not limited to:

  • What is driving the need for a higher rate Ethernet speed?
  • What is the right rate to be adopted first – 800 GbE vs 1 TbE vs 1.6 TbE?
  • How would the different applications and markets – Inter-DC vs Intra-DC and metro – benefit from a higher Ethernet speed?
  • Who will be the early adopters of the next Ethernet rate?
  • Are 200 Gb/s / lane rates required to support higher rate ports?
  • What electrical interfaces will be required to support higher rate optical modules?
  • Economics vs performance – will end users pay for performance, or is adoption driven solely by lower cost per bit?
  • What PMDs should be supported for higher rate ports? – Do copper cables have a place in the interconnect ecosystem past 400 GbE?
  • What new technologies are required to support higher than 400 GbE port speeds?


Your Participation

The Technology Exploration Forum is open to the Ethernet community.  Please submit the following information for your proposal for a panel or presentation.

Proposal Format (one page):

  • Title (not more than 5 or 6 words)
  • Abstract
  • Short biography of the presenter & contact information (job title, address, telephone, email)
  • Brief description of the presenters’ organization


Please note proposals for product overviews will not be accepted. All proposals should be emailed to TEF@ethernetalliance.org no later than January 30th, 2020.

All proposals will be reviewed and acceptance notifications will be provided on January 30th, 2020. Panels based on complementary proposals may be organized. Presenters will be requested to provide their photograph for use in TEF promotional materials.


Intended Audience

  • Chief Technologists
  • System and Component engineers Design software, and test engineers
  • Datacenter Administrators
  • Cloud Infrastructure Personnel
  • Networking Marketing & Product Managers
  • Telecom service providers
  • Hardware and software designers


  • Server and Network Architects
  • High-performance computing specialists
  • Design services companies
  • Embedded system designers
  • Applications engineers Engineering managers
  • Solution providers and consultants
  • VARs, OEMs, and system integrators



 Sponsorship Opportunities

Does your company want to sponsor one of the biggest Ethernet events of 2020? Now you can! The Ethernet Alliance is offering multiple different sponsorship opportunities for those companies looking to get involved in “The Next Ethernet Rate” TEF. Sponsorships range from $250 up to $5000. If your company is interested in being a sponsor, you can view the sponsorship opportunities here or contact morgan@ethernetalliance.org.


Contact Information

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