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Hybrid May 15-18  | 2023 San Antonio TX, USA




If you are planning to join the IEEE Interim Meeting we have provided some registration information below:

  • Payment of the registration fee is required for any individual who attends any meeting held during this session
  • Fees are the same for virtual and in-person participation
  • Registration fees are non-transferable
  • Fees are in US Dollars
  • Fees are payable by Credit Card Only


  • In person and remote participation will be available for the session
  • Please Select Registration Type:  In-Person or Virtual
  • If you need to change your Registration Type after registration please contact the Meeting Planner via email at
  • All non-emergency registration type changes must be submitted by Friday May 1, 2023.



Early  Registration Fee

  • USD $550.00 Until April 14, 2023

Standard Registration Fee

  • USD $750.00 Until April 30, 2023

Late/Onsite Registration Fee

  • USD $950.00 After May 1, 2023

Early registration price applies until Friday April 14, 2023 11:59pm ET | Late registration price applies after Monday May 1, 2023 11:59pm ET

Fully Refundable

Until April 14, 2023

Refundable with a USD $150.00 Cancellation Fee

After April 14, until May 1, 2023

Non Refundable

After May 1, 2023