Roadmap Subcommittee

As bandwidth requirements for Ethernet networks continue to increase exponentially, the Roadmap Subcommittee is chartered to build consensus on the past, present and future of Ethernet. The subcommittee will support building consensus positions on the past generations of Ethernet and create a roadmap for the future of Ethernet. The subcommittee will increase industry awareness and understanding through the development of white papers, presentations and webinars. This subcommittee is a platform for gathering and exchanging data relative to observed deployment models, applications, reaches, and sharing that information both within the Ethernet Alliance membership and outside of it.

The roadmap subcommittee created this technology roadmap for Ethernet technologies.  Find the presentation in the link below and see the tables for a high level overview.

Ethernet Alliance Technology Roadmap

October 15th, 2014 Roadmap F2F Meeting

Ethernet Speeds

These dates are for the initial release of a new speed.

BASE-T Roadmap

This chart shows the speeds of BASE-T Technology. New Generations of twisted pair have been tied to new speeds.

Access Roadmap

This chart shows the various  speeds of Access technology that needs to be confirmed by the Access Networks Subcommittee.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Roadmap

Power over Ethernet (PoE) continues to expand power delivery into new applications.

Backplane Roadmap

Ethernet Backplane technologies follow these standards.

40GbE Roadmap

Physical Medium Dependent Sublayers for 40GbE

100GbE Roadmap

Physical Medium Dependent Sublayers for 100GbE

100GbE Challenges:

To promote low cost 100GbE and the eventual technology to develop Terabit Ethernet, the Ethernet Alliance is challenging the industry to develop and demonstrate new technology.

The new challenges are for:
1)    The Holy Cup of 100GbE Lambda
2)    The Holy Grail of 100GbE SFP+

Please find the details in this presentation.