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TEF 2024: Ethernet in the Age of AI

The high-performance demands of networking needed to support AI/ML will compel Ethernet to adapt and develop at an accelerated pace.  While Ethernet is currently defining 200Gb/s electrical and optical signaling for its next generation multi-vendor interoperable environment for 200GbE to 1.6TbE, there are calls to begin exploration of 400Gb/s per lane electrical and optical signaling to support the AI networks of the future.

Source: Ultra Ethernet Consortium

For a total “Ethernet-based” solution to address future network demands for AI networks, Ethernet must contend with the unique demands of each specific network, i.e. Front-End and Scale-Out (Back-end).  This TEF will explore and distinguish these networks and begin exploration of solutions to address their future performance requirements.

Registration for the TEF 2024: Ethernet in the Age of AI will open on August 12, 2024.

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Call for Presentations

The Ethernet Alliance’s Technology Exploration Forum is a unique opportunity for individuals to present and share their ideas with members of the Ethernet community interested in exploring the future of Ethernet. Potential topics for discussion and presentations include but are not limited to:

  • Overview of AI Networks
  • AI Network Topology Architectures
  • The Consequences of the Physical Layer on the AI Network Stack
  • Future Requirements of Network Equipment Targeting AI Use Cases
  • Future Requirements of Compute Equipment Targeting AI Use Cases
  • AI Networks Market Forecast
  • Advanced Electrical Approaches for 400Gb/s Signaling
  • Developments in Copper Interconnect/Packaging Targeting 400Gb/s
  • Developments in FEC Architectures
  • Advanced Optical Approaches Targeting 400Gb/s Signaling
  • Developments in Optical Interconnect/Packaging Targeting 400Gb/s
  • Latency requirements of AI Networks
  • Power & Power Efficiency for AI Networks

Your Participation

The Technology Exploration Forum is open to the Ethernet community.  Please submit the following information for your proposal for a panel or presentation. Proposal Format (one page):

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Short biography of the presenter & contact information (job title, address, telephone, email)

Please note proposals for product overviews will not be accepted. All proposals should be emailed to TEF@ethernetalliance.org no later than July 22, 2024.

All proposals will be reviewed, and acceptance notifications will be provided on August 12, 2024. Panels based on complementary proposals may be organized.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Ethernet Alliance is offering  different sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to get involved in TEF 2024, Ethernet in the Age of AIView sponsorship options here. If your company would like to be a sponsor, contact morgan@ethernetalliance.org.

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