The Voice of Ethernet Just Got Louder

By Orshi Abraham



The Path to Interoperability

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take on the role of Marketing Committee Chair for the Ethernet Alliance. David Rodgers has filled the role admirably for the past 4 years, working tirelessly to lead not just the Marketing Committee but the Events & Conferences Committee, as well as serving on the Board of Directors. Over the years, David has contributed to the important work of the Ethernet Alliance in numerous ways. His ability to connect people, larger than life presence, technical knowledge and good humor helped bring together key stakeholders in the Ethernet ecosystem.

I feel honored to follow in David’s footsteps and look forward to working with him as he continues to chair the Events & Conferences Committee. Working closely with the Ethernet Alliance team has been an exciting part of this new role, as we plan dynamic campaigns for 2020 and beyond to promote the unparalleled value of Ethernet and reinforce the technology’s core value of multivendor interoperability.








As a senior marketing specialist with Ethernet Alliance member company Spirent Communications, I first started collaborating with the Ethernet Alliance in 2016, supporting its live interoperability showcases each year since with the latest test equipment. Working alongside fellow members we illustrated Ethernet’s robust interoperability and demonstrated why test coverage is crucial early in an innovation’s development cycle for accelerating time to market with an interoperable product.

After 5 years and several major industry showcases behind us, I am looking forward to forging an even closer connection with the Ethernet Alliance to support its marketing and communications initiatives.

Ethernet is the Foundation

Ethernet is the foundation of network communications. Interoperability drives confidence in Ethernet technologies and accelerates their market adoption. It would be hard to image the world today without these essential technologies that help us communicate, learn, work, connect and share experiences, entertain, and protect us.

Over the last 45 years, Ethernet technologies have gone through major development in terms of sustainability, cost reduction and multiple layer compatibility, making it more reliable, easier to use and faster, so it can deliver game-changing technologies such as IoT and PoE. As a result, Ethernet has changed our world for the better and improved our lives by delivering dependable and predictable user experiences.

A Vibrant Ecosystem of Innovation

Ethernet innovation shows no signs of slowing down. A vibrant community around the globe continues to create, share, test, deploy and manufacture Ethernet technologies, which in turn offer a wide range of choices to consumers and benefit a large variety of applications and users.

The Ethernet Alliance mission is to help strengthen Ethernet’s adoption and usefulness through market awareness and education, highlighting the latest innovations and supporting the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology.

Amplifying the Voice of Ethernet

The story of Ethernet is an important one to tell and I am excited to get more closely involved in the work of the Ethernet Alliance by creating compelling messaging, forging and strengthening industry partnerships, and developing new ways to connect Ethernet technologists and consumers to help amplify the Voice of Ethernet and facilitate the adoption and deployment of related technologies. It is going to be a fun ride!

Orshi Abraham

Product Marketing Manager

Spirent Communications

Ethernet Alliance Marketing Committee Chair Orshi Abraham is a Product Marketing Manager at Spirent Communications, where she focuses on creating and delivering the go-to-market plan and executing marketing activities for a broad range of High-Speed Ethernet, Cybersecurity, Automotive, and Cloud & Virtual test solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing, 8 years of which spent in the test & measurement industry, she brings a diverse creative palette of ideas, knowledge, and experience to help amplify the Voice of Ethernet and contribute to the important work of the Alliance, facilitating the adoption and deployment of Ethernet technologies, and connecting Ethernet’s technologists and consumers.

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