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By Orshi Abraham

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Q | Please tell us a little about yourself and your company.

As a marketing professional, I have the opportunity to wear many hats. Storyteller, educator, interpreter, the roles are as varied as the projects I collaborate on each day.

This calling came naturally, I enjoyed drawing and telling stories from an early age, spending endless hours in my grandmother’s rustic garden exploring nature, oblivious to time. I dove into books and museums, learning about artists, adventurers, imagining what it would be like to be in their shoes exploring exotic lands or capturing them on canvas. Who knew that marketing also offers similar perks? We design campaigns, craft messaging, educate users about new solutions to help them stand out and succeed.

Fast forward to 2015, when I joined the Product Marketing team at Spirent. There is never a dull moment working for a leading global provider of test and assurance solutions. We work on the latest technologies, often having to get to the market with test tools before our customers do, to help the industry validate the reliability, performance and interoperability of new technologies like 5G, Open RAN, Cloud-Native, High-Speed Ethernet, IoT, SASE, and more. Test & Measurement is a fascinating field, we help make technology work, from the lab to the real world.

Q | What do you hope to achieve during your tenure as the Alliance’s Marketing Committee Chair?

As Marketing Committee Chair for the Alliance, my goal is to amplify the Voice of Ethernet that we as an organization represent, by providing a platform and various opportunities for  members to be heard, be seen and be involved in our vibrant ecosystem. I would like to see all members regularly share their insights and valuable expertise with the industry on best practices, new standards and technologies. We are continuously developing and promoting activities to help grow our membership and foster collaboration among members to accelerate the advancement and adoption of Ethernet technologies, and share the value Ethernet offers.

Q | How does the Ethernet Alliance help facilitate the adoption and deployment of Ethernet technologies?

As the leading industry voice of Ethernet, we act as a bridge between IEEE 802.3 standards and the end users of Ethernet technologies. We fulfill this mission through market awareness, education, as well as interoperability demonstrations and plugfests.

Alliance experts regularly contribute insights to industry forums and publications to help explain standards and highlight the benefits of Ethernet technologies. Our industry demonstrations and the popular Ethernet Roadmap help highlight the technology’s 50- year track record of success, and showcases how Ethernet is evolving and where it is going next.

The plugfests we organized are an invaluable tool for the Ethernet community of network equipment vendors, interconnect solution providers, and test & measurement vendors to verify interoperability with other products before going to market. These events provide a neutral, secure testing environment and real-world feedback, with the successes, challenges, and opportunities fed back into product development and the standards development process.

Q | As Ethernet reaches its 50th anniversary this year, why is this worth celebrating? 

Glad you asked! The world runs on Ethernet. It’s as an innovation engine for growth and market diversification, operating seamlessly between disparate environments and benefiting a growing variety of applications and users. As we mark Ethernet’s 50th Anniversary this year, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all those who contributed to Ethernet’s success and appreciate the immense value this resilient technology brings to the world.

Q | Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I find history fascinating; we can learn a lot about our times from the rich collection of stories history holds for us. In my free time I enjoy writing and I am currently drafting a story about the first Queen of Hungary, Gizella. In the early 11th Century, there was little to no documentation about the achievements of women and the vital role they played in politics. To help fill this void, I would like to tell Gizella’s story, exploring the opportunities and challenges involved with being a queen in the Middle Ages, especially for a new nation. It’s been an interesting journey so far!

Orshi Abraham

Product Marketing Manager

Spirent Communications

Ethernet Alliance Marketing Committee Chair Orshi Abraham is a Product Marketing Manager at Spirent Communications, where she focuses on creating and delivering the go-to-market plan and executing marketing activities for a broad range of High-Speed Ethernet, Cybersecurity, Automotive, and Cloud & Virtual test solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing, 8 years of which spent in the test & measurement industry, she brings a diverse creative palette of ideas, knowledge, and experience to help amplify the Voice of Ethernet and contribute to the important work of the Alliance, facilitating the adoption and deployment of Ethernet technologies, and connecting Ethernet’s technologists and consumers.

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