Ending on a High Note: Q4 2023 Highlights

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From celebrating Ethernet’s 50th anniversary – a remarkable achievement few technologies can lay claim to – to continued efforts to meet higher speed demands to the unmatched reliability of Ethernet, 2023 was a milestone year.The Ethernet Alliance remains in the vanguard of those working to build upon this half-century legacy of success.

As 2023 slowly fades from view, let’s look back at the key moments and events from the last quarter of the year that are helping to shape Ethernet’s future.

Ethernet Alliance – Making a Splash at ECOC 2023

The Alliance showcased Ethernet’s interoperability with a multivendor demonstration at the 2023 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC). Incorporating speeds from 10GbE to 800GbE, the demo featured industry-leading companies from across the Ethernet ecosystem.

The high-profile demonstration attracted significant attention from ECOC attendees, as well as media and analysts, as witnessed by Fibre Systems’ ECOC round-up and Lightwave Online’s Sizing up ECOC 2023’s top trends article.

Ethernet Alliance Members Speak Out on the Importance of Interoperability

Following a successful ECOC 2023, Ethernet Alliance members continued to share the message that interoperability matters. In two Ethernet Alliance guest blogs, members Synposys and Hyper Photonix shared insights into Ethernet’s “you plug it in and it just works” hallmark. In How 800G Ethernet and Industry Standards are Key for the Future of High-Speed Interconnects, Synopsys underscored standardization as a catalyst for driving innovation in high-speed interconnects, while Hyper Photonix explained the importance of developing Ethernet standards and how they help to ensure interoperability in Ethernet Standards: Ensuring Interoperability and Driving Innovation.

The World Runs on Ethernet Series Covers the Future of Higher Speeds

Ethernet is everywhere – at home, in the office, and even in the car. In Lightwave Online’s ongoing The World Runs on Ethernet series, Ethernet Alliance experts delved into the real-world deployment scenarios depicted in our Ethernet Roadmap. In the latest installment, The World Runs on Ethernet: The Future of Higher Speeds, Ethernet Alliance Events & Conferences Chair David J. Rodgers shared how the industry plans to address the world’s ever-growing appetite for higher speeds.

Ethernet at 50 – Fibre Systems Salutes Ethernet’s Half-Century of Success

Fibre Systems Magazine’s annual Fibre Yearbook is a compendium of opinions from optical communications leaders on what the biggest issues and opportunities will be in the coming year. The 2024 Fibre Yearbook includes Ethernet at 50: Cutting costs-per-bit in modern networks, penned by Ethernet Alliiance Chair Peter Jones of Cisco and HSN Committee Co-Chair Sam Johnson of Intel. It’s a thought-provoking piece that reveals why Ethernet is a success 50 years in the making and looks at trends we will likely see in 2024.

2024: Setting the Stage for the Next 50 Years2023 may be a wrap but there’s still work to be done. The Alliance and the Ethernet ecosystem is hard at work laying a firm foundation for Ethernet’s next 50 years of success. We look forward to continuing to be your go-to source for all things Ethernet and we’ve got lots in store for 2024. The best way to stay up-to-date with the Ethernet Alliance is to subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter for the latest news, industry insights, and interoperability-related activities supporting the advancement of Ethernet technologies.


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