Ethernet Roadmap 2022

Ethernet RoadmapCreated by the Ethernet Alliance, the industry’s only Ethernet Roadmap provides direction and insights required to navigate the numerous roads making up today’s Ethernet ecosystem.

When viewing today’s Ethernet, the application space must be considered before the relevant speeds and solutions can be determined. The Ethernet Roadmap helps users plot their path through the myriad of rates and solutions available now.

Since 2015, the Ethernet Alliance has regularly released new versions of the roadmap, providing an easy, graphical way to keep the industry informed of Ethernet updates and advancements. Beautifully drawn and packed full of information, the Roadmap is broken into two essential parts:

  1. An illustrated map that details the speeds and application spaces on the front side
  2. The Ethernet ecosystem and technologies on the backside.

Within the guide, Ethernet nomenclature is explained, as well as technical reference material that will help users understand how Ethernet is achieving 100GbE, 200GbE, 400GbE and beyond.

Complimentary printed copies of the Roadmap will be provided at various Ethernet Alliance events and panel sessions throughout the year.

With the latest evolution in supporting technologies, navigating today’s Ethernet has grown increasingly complex – download your copy today!

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Please attribute Ethernet Alliance as the source for all Ethernet Roadmap artwork.

A big thank you to the Ethernet Alliance’s Roadmap Subcommittee who helped review and develop this year’s update.