OFC 2024

San Diego, CA
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Ethernet Alliance will participate in a live interoperability demonstration at OFC 2024 on the show floor in our own booth. More details to follow! Ethernet Alliance members are welcome to join the demos!


About OFC Conference and Exhibition – Quantum Networking, AI, Data Center Connectivity and so much more!

OFC, the premier global event for optical communications and networking, attracts attendees from around the globe to a conference and exhibition that showcases the latest industry advancements.

In 2024, OFC expects to welcome over 13,000 participants from 70 countries, 80 media outlets and have over 540 exhibiting companies in its exhibition halls. This global event serves as the platform for start-ups to make their debut and industry leaders to set the pace for what’s to come. Event organizers provide a compelling series of exciting programs and events covering the entire ecosystem with a focus on inclusivity.

One of OFC’s highlights is the live interoperability demonstrations from leading optics companies running over OFCnet. Another is the Plenary Session with inspiring talks by three leading executives who share insights into how technology is transforming our industry and reshaping the world.