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San Diego, CA
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The Ethernet Alliance with the participation of 20 industry-leading members put on one of the organization’s most popular interoperability demonstrations at OFC 2024. The installation showcased Ethernet’s exceptional versatility and reliability at speeds of up to 800 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). The demo incorporated a wide range of switches, routers, interconnects and interfaces including OSFP, QSFP-DD, QSFP, and SFP pluggable form factors. It also featured the latest in test and measurement solutions including physical layer and traffic generation tools for ensuring Ethernet’s capacity for accommodating even the most demanding applications.

Read press release for details, refer to the 2024 Ethernet Roadmap for the latest advancements and innovations in the Ethernet ecosystem. For details on the interoperability and technology demonstrations please refer to the EA@OFC24 handout.

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Ethernet Alliance OFC24 Panel Session Description:

The completion of Ethernet’s milestone 100Gb/lane specification supports the use cases for higher throughput and port density. The rapid market penetration of 50Gb/ln, and now 100Gb/ln electrical signaling, supports the growing demand for 400GbE and 800GbE communications solutions. Coherent based communications have long been deployed in the Telecom space as means to optimize long-haul transmission and increase bit per baud efficiencies.

To achieve reliable connections and data transit, the datacenter has embraced coherent signaling technology for deployment in datacenter modules. Ethernet datacenters have adopted coherent signaling in full effect for 400G, 800G, and soon 1.6T Ethernet, in OSFP, QSFP-DD, and CFP packages.

The panel will cover the considerations when designing and deploying coherent optical solutions, the increasing power and cooling demands, and advances in PIC and other technologies needed to create interoperable products and leverage economies of scale for simultaneous datacom and telecom applications.


  • David Rodgers, Ethernet Alliance Events Chair, EXFO, United States


  • Brad Booth, Director of Technology and Strategy for Hyper Photonix, United States
  • Dr. Tony Chan Carusone, Chief Technology Officer, Alphawave Semi, Canada
  • Leo Lin, Director, NEMs Manufacturing Design & Research, EXFO, Canada

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In 2024, OFC expects to welcome over 13,000 participants from 70 countries, 80 media outlets and have over 540 exhibiting companies in its exhibition halls. This global event serves as the platform for start-ups to make their debut and industry leaders to set the pace for what’s to come. Event organizers provide a compelling series of exciting programs and events covering the entire ecosystem with a focus on inclusivity.

One of OFC’s highlights is the live interoperability demonstrations from leading optics companies running over OFCnet. Another is the Plenary Session with inspiring talks by three leading executives who share insights into how technology is transforming our industry and reshaping the world.