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On May 22, 2023, the Ethernet Alliance joined forces with the Computer History Museum (CHM) for a live event to celebrate Ethernet’s 50th anniversary. The recording, featuring remarks by Ethernet co-inventor Bob Metcalfe and other networking pioneers, is now available for on-demand viewing.

In addition to the CHM Ethernet@50 event, this quarter was filled with articles and interviews with Ethernet Alliance experts sharing their unique insights and updates on Ethernet technologies, which we’ll cover in this blog.

Ethernet Celebrates 50 Years

Fifty years is a remarkable milestone in the high tech world, so it is no wonder that the media was drawn to Ethernet’s golden anniversary. As Network World’s Michael Cooney noted in Ethernet turns 50, but its voyage has only begun, the application landscape for Ethernet is a vast one. He quoted Ethernet Alliance Chair, Peter Jones of Cisco, on the technology’s role  in space exploration: “Ethernet facilitates seamless connectivity between mission-critical subsystems, like sensors, cameras, controls, and telemetry inside vehicles and devices, such as satellites and probes. It’s also a key part of ground-to-space and space-to-ground communications.”

An Industrial Ethernet Book feature article, Ethernet celebrates 50 years with 2023 roadmap and demo, showcased the Alliance’s industry efforts, including its highly successful OFC 2023 interoperability demo and 2023 edition of its Ethernet Roadmap. Additionally, industry experts from member companies Amphenol, Broadcom, Cisco, EXFO, HPE, Intel, Juniper, Keysight, Panduit, Spirent, and Tektronix offered interesting perspectives about the 50th anniversary of Ethernet technology.

The 50th anniversary of Ethernet was also covered in articles by The Fast Mode, Ethernet Alliance Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Ethernet, and Cabling Installation and Maintenance Ethernet Alliance marks 50-year technology anniversary with celebration event

As Ethernet Alliance President Chris Lyon of Amphenol shared, “Many technologies have come and gone over the past 50 years while others have ‘peaked’ and are now on the downward slope. Ethernet keeps rising to greater heights, with the best yet to come!”

The Alliance is already looking toward the next 50 years of universal adoption and use of Ethernet technologies across markets and various application spaces.

The World Runs on Ethernet 

With increasing diversity in its rates and implementation, Ethernet’s adoption continues to spread across application spaces. In an ongoing Lightwave guest blog series, Alliance experts explored the real-world deployment scenarios depicted in its Ethernet Roadmap. Don’t miss these articles covering various application spaces Ethernet supports:

Listen In 

Leadership and members are frequently invited guests on some of the industry’s most popular podcasts and webcasts. Tune in to learn more about the latest activities:

See Peter Jones’ interview with EDACafe, which addresses the Alliance’s 2023 OFC interoperability demo, Ethernet Roadmap, and the 50th anniversary.

Hear Sam Johnson, HSN Subcommittee Co-Chair and Peter Jones talk to Cabling Installation and Maintenance speak in a wide-ranging conversation about Ethernet technologies.

And finally, enjoy this two-part conversation with Tony Jeffree. An expert in LAN technologies and former Chair of IEEE 802.1, Tony describes the early days of the evolving standards work of IEEE 802 in his The Voices of Ethernet interview.

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