The World Runs on Ethernet

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At home, in the office, even in the car, Ethernet is everywhere. Face it, the world runs on Ethernet. And its 50-year track record shows just how ubiquitous and uniquely resilient this technology is, as it effortlessly evolves to meet the demands of emerging applications.

Each year since 2015, the Ethernet Alliance has released an updated Ethernet Roadmap, offering industry insights for navigating the ever-expanding Ethernet ecosystem. In a recent Lightwave Online guest blog series, Ethernet Alliance experts explored real-world deployment scenarios depicted in the Ethernet Roadmap and explained how Ethernet supports an increasing number of application spaces.

Driving Innovation: Automotive

Ethernet’s expansion into automotive is one the latest and most exciting application spaces. With rising demand for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, and connected car services, Ethernet is the ideal solution for delivering high-speed, reliable, and secure data transmission. In this blog, Ethernet Alliance Board of Directors member Kishore Racherla of Broadcom and Consulting Member Steven Carlson of High Speed Design Inc. outline how Ethernet is fueling innovation in the automotive industry today, and where it’s heading in the future. Read the full blog here.

Going Above and Beyond: Service Providers

For decades, service providers helped drive higher-speed Ethernet and longer-reach solutions. Even as the service provider environment has evolved, they continue to spur Ethernet innovation because the volume of consumption is so immense. In this blog, Ethernet Alliance Board of Directors members Dr. Jeffery J. Maki of Juniper and Mark Nowell of Cisco share how Ethernet continues to meet the evolving needs of service providers. Read the full blog here. 

Creating a Foundation for Excellence: Building and Industrial Automation

Today operational technology (OT) is experiencing a similar shift to the one that information technology (IT) went through in the 1980s and1990s. Applications are transitioning from older fieldbus-style networks to Ethernet, giving rise to Industry 4.0. In this blog, Ethernet Alliance Chair Peter Jones of Cisco, Principal Member Razvan Petre of Spirent, and Single-Pair Ethernet Subcommittee Chair Bob Voss of Panduit detail Ethernet’s growth in the building and industrial automation networks. Read the full blog here.

Exciting Ethernet Innovations: Cloud Service Providers 

With sky-high bandwidth demands, exponential growth is expected for hyperscale data centers. Data center architectures are changing, given cloud’s insatiable appetite for higher speeds and advanced capabilities. And Ethernet innovations are answering the call. In this blog, Ethernet Alliance High-Speed Networking Subcommittee Chair Sam Johnson of Intel, Peter Jones, Principal Member Steve Rumsby of Spirent, and Secretary Carl Wilson of Intel offer a sunny forecast of the future landscape for cloud service providers. Read the full blog here. 

Tried and True: Enterprises 

Enterprise and campus applications remain a significant market for Ethernet technology and innovation. Ethernet network managers are facing a complex shift, as more and more applications must be able to run across their infrastructures. In this blog, Peter Jones delves into the enabling role Ethernet plays in helping enterprise networks accommodate the massive changes. Read the full blog here. 

Ethernet: Endless Applications

Automotive, service providers, automation, cloud service providers, and enterprises are but a few of the application spaces where Ethernet is making a positive impact. The Ethernet Alliance remains committed to driving conversations and sharing the latest insights, as well as helping to propel the continued  advancement and success of Ethernet technologies. Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest news, industry insights, and interoperability-related activities supporting the continued success and global expansion of Ethernet technologies.



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