Ethernet Always Wins: Ethernet Alliance Q3 2023 Highlights

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As legendary engineer and entrepreneur Andy Bechtolsheim once remarked, “Ethernet always wins.” Ethernet’s 50-year winning streak comes from the collective efforts of many individuals coming together to create something capable of enduring the test of time. Likewise, the Ethernet Alliance is the global voice of Ethernet, but there isn’t a single stakeholder driving the message. Rather, the Alliance is committed to engaging with the Ethernet ecosystem, catalyzing knowledge sharing, igniting innovation, and uncovering new ideas and insights that will ensure Ethernet’s continued success today, tomorrow, and beyond.

In this blog, we’ll share notable highlights from this quarter, including the latest articles, interviews, webinars, and technical briefs from our experts.

Ethernet: Transforming Industry 4.0 From Concept to Reality

The factory floor presents a prime opportunity for enhancing production via networked intelligence. But the price tag for synchronization issues or data loss is much higher in industrial automation than compared to home or office. The development of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards make Ethernet the ideal choice for delivering the superior reliability and speed necessary to usher in Industry 4.0. In How new connectivity technologies are lowering the barriers to Industry 4.0, Ethernet Alliance member Texas Instruments explores how single-pair Ethernet (SPE) can be easily integrated without fundamentally changing how manufacturing facilities are built.

Party On, Ethernet! 50th Anniversary Celebrations Continue

Fifty years is a golden milestone. This is especially true for technology, with so many coming and going in the blink of an eye. Ethernet is one of those rare exceptions, providing reliable connectivity for a half-century now. How does a technology stay relevant and reliable after five decades? In this Fast Mode expert opinion article, Ethernet: Fifty Years and Still Going Strong, Ethernet Alliance President Chris Lyon of Amphenol; Chair Peter Jones of Cisco; and High Speed Networking (HSN) Subcommittee Co-Chair Sam Johnson of Intel explain just how Ethernet has stayed at the top of its game and the promise it holds for the years yet to come.

Interoperability Makes the Ethernet World Go ‘Round

When products interoperate, innovation flourishes. It’s one of the reasons why Ethernet Alliance continues to serve as a forum for members to share, discuss, and collaborate on interoperability concerns by joining a plugfest, participating in an interoperability demo, or providing technical briefs. Recently, Principal member Intel published a technical paper describing an interoperability concern arising from a gap in specifications between a 100 Gigabit PSM4 vs. a 25GBASE-LR optical module. Authored by Vijay Srinivasan, Technical Leader, Intel EPG Link Applications Engineering, Optical Transceiver Interoperability Concern On 25 GbE Links Utilizing 25GAUI C2M  ⟷ PSM4/Lane SMF Interface is available as a free download.

Preserving Ethernet’s Past as We Look Forward 

In the words of Maya Angelou, “You can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you have been.” This expresses perfectly one of the cornerstones of The Voices of Ethernet  – preserving Ethernet’s rich history as told by the people behind it – because it’s important to know where Ethernet has come from in order to better see what lies ahead. The latest addition to the archive is an interview with Rouzbeh Yassini-Fard, Ph.D., an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the “Father of the Cable Modem”, who reflects on how the lessons of Ethernet have impacted his work. Watch his interview here.

Full Speed Ahead – Blazing a Trail to Supercharged Connectivity

Interoperability validation ensures specification conformance, builds consumer confidence, and facilitates adoption into current enterprise applications, a critical step for new 100Gb Ethernet-based devices. In a recent webinar, How will Ethernet Speeds Coexist in the Datacenter? 100Gb Ethernet and Interoperability with Legacy Networks, the Alliance reviewed observations and preliminary results of its May 2023 Ethernet Alliance Higher Speed Networking (HSN) Plugfest. Tune in now to learn more about the plugfest’s findings, and to prepare for the next HSN plugfest on December 4-8, 2023 at Intel’s Hillsboro, OR campus.

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