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Kishore Racherla, BroadcomAs the industry voice of Ethernet, the Ethernet Alliance serves as a collaborative melting pot for member companies from across the Ethernet ecosystem. Dedicated to advancing Ethernet and related technologies, members work together in support of critical activities, such as bringing Ethernet standards to the marketplace, incubating new technologies, and facilitating interoperability testing.

In our new Follow the Leaders Q&A series, we’ll introduce you to our volunteer Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, whom the Ethernet Alliance looks to for leadership, technology expertise, and more.

Putting Automotive Ethernet in the Driver’s Seat

Among the most rapidly expanding sectors in the Ethernet ecosystem, automotive Ethernet is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.9 percent through 2026. Ethernet’s ability to deliver robust and reliable performance without adding significant weight makes it ideal for in-vehicle applications, including driver assistance systems, infotainment, cameras, and beyond.

A recognized expert in automotive Ethernet technologies, Broadcom’s Kishore Racherla joined the Ethernet Alliance Board of Directors in 2021.

Q | Please tell us a little about yourself and your company.

As a product manager for Broadcom, I’m responsible for overseeing various Ethernet PHY products for the automotive and enterprise markets. For more than 15 years, much of my work has focused on the automotive market, particularly in engineering and product management. In addition to the Ethernet Alliance Board of Directors, I’m a board member and a former Secretary of the OPEN Alliance, which is dedicated to Ethernet’s widescale adoption in vehicles.

I’m proud to have been a part of the Broadcom team since 2018. Broadcom develops and manufactures cutting-edge networking, infrastructure, broadband, and connectivity semiconductor solutions that move data around the world. It also invented BroadR-Reach™ technology, enabling the adoption of Ethernet in vehicles. Being part of Broadcom has afforded me a front-row seat to automotive Ethernet’s evolution, giving me the opportunity to see automotive OEMs successfully deploying the technology in vehicles.

Q | What do you hope to achieve during your tenure as an Ethernet Alliance board member?

With my extensive experience and expertise, I intend to bring a uniquely automotive perspective to Ethernet Alliance initiatives. The automotive sector holds untapped potential, so it’s critical that we uncover every opportunity to aid OEMs as they seek to capitalize on the advantages Ethernet delivers.

Futuristic car interior
Q | What role does Ethernet play in automotive? What benefits does it bring and what challenges are yet to be overcome?

Historically, vehicles have used disparate in-vehicle networking technologies, making the movement of data across these domains very complex. As a proven, standard-based solution, Ethernet can scale effortlessly from low to high speeds. That makes it a perfect fulcrum for diverse applications and allows car manufacturers to pivot some legacy and non-standard-based technologies towards Ethernet.

Q | How important is Ethernet interoperability to automotive applications, and why?

Ethernet’s unrivaled interoperability allows OEMs to select different vendors for the systems on either side of the Ethernet link. Without this interoperability, discrete systems from various vendors wouldn’t be able to talk to each other.

Therefore, Ethernet interoperability is very crucial. It permits OEMs to engage with multiple vendors, thereby creating a healthy ecosystem. In the end, OEMs are able to select best-in-class solutions that balance top-notch performance with cost considerations.

Q | What Ethernet-driven innovations do you see on the horizon for automotive and other applications?

Driven by the need to minimize costs and reduce cable harness weight, OEMs will transition towards Zonal architecture. Further, OEMs will continue to strive to take driverless technology mainstream. With its ability to scale to higher speeds, as well as time synchronization and security capabilities, Ethernet will serve as the backbone for these trends.

Q | Before we go, share something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I love sports. Over the years, I have enjoyed playing many different sports. I’m a mean table tennis player, and spent time as part of ASU’s rowing club and field hockey team. Though I’m not quite a pool shark, I’m a former American Pool Players Association (APA) member who previously qualified for its National 9-Ball Pool Championship in Las Vegas. What can I say? I love to compete.


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